Liz Cambage reveals full extent of mental health struggle in emotional Players’ Tribune article

Australian basketball star Liz Cambage has revealed she was on suicide watch in 2016, in an impassioned article calling for a better understanding of the realities of depression and anxiety.

Key points:

  • Liz Cambage revealed she withdrew from a recent WNBA game after suffering a panic attack
  • She revealed she has suffered from mental illness for many years, and is on medication
  • Cambage is a three-time WNBA All Star and holds the record for most points in a WNBA game

The Opals’ record-breaking centre has written an emotional account of her lifetime battle with mental health issues for the Players’ Tribune website,which she describes as a current “dragging you out into the ocean”.

“And now the water is getting deeper and deeper … and your friends have all disappeared … and it doesn’t feel so sunny anymore … and you can’t move … and you can’t breathe … until suddenly it’s just you, alone, under these enormous, dark waves,” Cambage wrote…..

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